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Mindful Money Behaviour

4 Steps to Attracting Abundance in Your Finances and Your Life

Money Mindset

Do you find yourself filling up your online shopping cart when you’re feeling stressed?


Are you the type of person who will shower someone in gifts as a way to express your love (and earn their love in return)?


Does it feel like you can never get ahead financially, and as a result you’re stuck in a state of scarcity rather than one of abundance? 


You’ve heard the phrase “money can’t buy happiness,” but have you ever truly taken the time to consider how the two are connected?


What does it mean to have a healthy relationship with money?


You’re about to find out.


Often, people use money as a distraction, covering up what they actually need to heal.


This FREE guidebook is designed to help.


By following reiki best practices for healing and aligning with an abundance mindset, together with the life-changing journal prompts provided, you will discover greater self-awareness and adopt mindful money behaviours.


Here’s your chance to gain the knowledge and confidence you need to take back control of your finances. This leads to a ripple effect outward, attracting abundance in your relationships, your work and your health.


But first, let’s find out what your current relationship with money really looks like. 


Take the bonus quiz “Assess Your Money Mindset” included with your guidebook to gain a deeper sense of yourself and your spending (+ saving) habits.


Other healing practitioners charge hundreds of dollars for the messages you’re about to discover, and you can get it all for FREE. Just add your email to the sign up form below! (I promise not to spam you, and you can unsubscribe at any time).

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