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Image by Nikita Tikhomirov

I have had a Reiki and a coaching session with Shelby and both were very positive experiences! In our coaching session she quickly understood what could be going on in my subconscious mind and as a result, came up with great suggestions for daily activities that may help me meet specific needs and regulate my nervous system better. I look forward to moving forward with the guidance she gave, and having more sessions with her in the future.

Thanks Shelby!


Image by Tiffany Nguyen

"I am currently participating in the intimacy coaching 12 week program with Shelby. I wasn't sure what to expect when I started it, but I knew that I wanted to better myself, as well as the relationships in my life. These sessions are very insightful and helpful in many aspects of my life. I learned how to process and regulate my emotions as they come up and am actively discovering my needs and setting boundaries as needed. Shelby is one of the most intuitive people I have ever met and is such a comforting person to do this type of work with, as she makes you feel heard and respected, while still keeping it professional.

I highly recommend Shelby to anyone who is interested in forming stronger relationships with others, as well as truly figuring out what you yourself need in order to become the best version of yourself possible."


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