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How did the Happy Hippies Academy start?

It all started when Shelby had her first Reiki session with one of her friends, Kaitlin.

“I had heard of Reiki before, but I had never had it done to me.” -Shelby

Her friend wanted some volunteers to try her new skills on and Shelby volunteered.

“I had been going through some tough stuff and when I had Reiki done on me, I was floored by what I experienced. The heat from my friends hands and what I felt through my body was so strange. I also had many other sensations which you don’t experience with modern practices. I was open to the experience and it was very healing and spiritual. The spiritual feeling that came from it surprised me because at that point I believed in a greater power but that was as far as my spirituality and practices went." -Shelby

From there Shelby was inspired. She started listening to self-development podcasts, began changing her habits and mindset in order to help work on her healing. She also decided she wanted to be able to practice Reiki and went and took her level one. She also became interested in crystals and their healing properties.

Shelby dove into the land of the self development, healing and spirituality. Within a year she had gone through all her Reiki Levels, received her Certified Crystal Healer qualifications and became an entrepreneur with opening the HH Academy.

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