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Shelby Avann
Relationship and Intimacy
Coach & Reiki Master


Hi I'm Shelby and I am a kink positive coach who specializes in Relationship and Intimacy Coaching as well as Reiki Healing. 

I help women and queer folks to create deep emotional intimacy in their relationships, heal codependency and loneliness. I love blending the realms of spirituality and science in my coaching and healings. 


12 Week Coaching Intensive Program

Reiki Healing

Reiki Training


Dark Goddess Women's Circles 2024

June 15 -Intimacy with Anger

July 14 - Intimacy with Sensuality

July tickets here

August 4 - Intimacy with Power & Control

August tickets here

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As an Intimacy Coach & Healer Shelby focuses on addressing emotional and relational issues that may impact intimacy. She works to heal and strengthen the emotional bonds between individuals, fostering a deeper sense of connection and understanding in their relationships.

She uses her knowledge from attachment theory, nervous system work, kink, tantra and reiki to help her clients become more embodied and secure in themselves so that her clients can then go out and utilize their new skills in their relationships.


Intimacy is not about sex. And this is the main thing Shelby want's you to understand before working with her. Intimacy is about that honest emotional connection. The work she does focuses on the emotional realm, not the act of sex. If you are feeling disconnected in the bedroom it most often has something to do with not feeling emotionally intimate with your partner. Her coaching will help you come together and connect again on the emotional level, and after that we can do coaching work that applies to the bedroom !


Intimacy is something that you share with everyone !

It is he supportive touch to friend going through a breakup.

It is the moments you share with your family of both joy and pain.

It is that random wink you share with a stranger.

It is holding space for someone to share.

It is sharing your body with another.

It is sharing energy and spirit work with one another.

It is a woman's circle.

It is those moments with yourself when you feel deep grief. Deep contentment. Deep joy.

It is the moments when you find compassion for yourself.

It is the moments when you acknowledge your growth and your healing.

Come and get intimate.


Coaching Review


I am currently participating in the intimacy coaching 12 week program with Shelby. I wasn't sure what to expect when I started it, but I knew that I wanted to better myself, as well as the relationships in my life. These sessions are very insightful and helpful in many aspects of my life. I learned how to process and regulate my emotions as they come up and am actively discovering my needs and setting boundaries as needed. Shelby is one of the most intuitive people I have ever met and is such a comforting person to do this type of work with, as she makes you feel heard and respected, while still keeping it professional.

I highly recommend Shelby to anyone who is interested in forming stronger relationships with others, as well as truly figuring out what you yourself need in order to become the best version of yourself possible.

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