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Shelby Avann
Relationship and Intimacy
Coach & Reiki Master


Hi I'm Shelby and I specialize in Relationship and Intimacy Coaching as well as Reiki Healing. 

I help women to create deep emotional intimacy in their relationships, heal codependency and loneliness. I love blending the realms of spirituality and science in my coaching and healings. 


12 Week Coaching Intensive Program

Reiki Healing

Reiki Training

Intuition Coaching

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My Story

I have always wanted to have my own business. My family is entrepreneurial by nature, however I felt like I was left behind for a while because I didn't know what my purpose was going to be. And then heartache hit. My family almost split up and I found myself in the greatest amount of disconnect and emotional pain I had ever experienced so far in my life. I had been through breakups and deaths but this offered a whole new level of pain for me.

I needed something that made me feel better and so I started my own personal growth journey that began with affirmations and 5 minute meditations. Then I got introduced to crystals and saw my intuition guide me for the first time. I went into a crystal store and couldn't take my eyes off this one, orange sparkly crystal called Monk's Gold. When I read the description of the properties, I was floored at how accurate it was for what I needed in my life at that moment.

Next a friend of mine asked if she could practice reiki on me, which I knew little about at the time. I said yes and had such beautiful and unreal experience that I knew this is something I also wanted to pursue. I was learning that we are more connected to the world in an intangible way that I had never believed until experiencing reiki. I went through and did my levels and kept getting shown that I could be a conduit for healing, that my intuition was reliable and would guide me if I chose to trust and listen.

As I did reiki, I loved the experiences it offered however I found that it wasn't the full healing solution. It helped, it gave beautiful messages and it guided people into what it was that they needed to work on. But then all that left my clients with were questions of how to continue their healing on their own.

That is when I was led to the coaching certification that I did. I started doing my own healing with the work from this school and saw myself become healed and more secure within months. I knew this was the answer to the questions reiki kept offering up. The attachment theory certification came out 10 months after I had begun my journey with this school and I completed it. My first client who hadn't done any personal development before, was hooked and saw the value in the weekly sessions we did immediately.

Simply put, I love helping people to heal. I love seeing transformation and I get to see that by doing this job.


Coaching Review


I am currently participating in the intimacy coaching 12 week program with Shelby. I wasn't sure what to expect when I started it, but I knew that I wanted to better myself, as well as the relationships in my life. These sessions are very insightful and helpful in many aspects of my life. I learned how to process and regulate my emotions as they come up and am actively discovering my needs and setting boundaries as needed. Shelby is one of the most intuitive people I have ever met and is such a comforting person to do this type of work with, as she makes you feel heard and respected, while still keeping it professional.

I highly recommend Shelby to anyone who is interested in forming stronger relationships with others, as well as truly figuring out what you yourself need in order to become the best version of yourself possible.

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